Manufacturer & Exporter: Surfactant, Oilfield Chemicals, Cosmetic Waxes & Specialty Chemicals

INCI name(s) Cetearyl alcohol (and) Polysorbate-60
Registrations Ingredient
67762-27-0 2670086


Product Properties Appearance
RIMPRO Wax NF is a white solid, which is supplied in Flakes
Example of use
RIMPRO WAX NF is a self-emulsifying base for creams and lotions, especially for high pH Emulsions
Quality control data
PH-value (1% sol.) 5.5 – 7.0
Melting point 0C 50 - 54
Hydroxyl value 178 -192
Water content <= 3.0
Iodine number <= 3.5
Saponification value <= 14
Storage and transportation
In sealed original containers, protected from moisture and at temperatures below 40°C RIMPRO WAX NF Remains stable for at least two years